The development of the Warden system and relating components also includes developing cooperation, communication and information sharing within the CESNET2 network. The Warden system plays a significant integration part in this. The goal is to make all member and end-user network connected to the CESNET2 network participate in the Warden system.

The following entities participate in system development and data sharing


Data can be shared through the Warden system provided the following conditions are met:

  • Warden is fed information about events which have been marked as potentially mitigating the operation of network and services by detection devices (IDS, honeypots);
  • Participating entities provide data voluntarily;
  • All data (events) that will be fed (sent) into the system and some data about the systems that had detected it will be available to other participants in the system
  • Event sender is responsible for data fed into the Warden system

How to get involved

Technical implementation (how to enable the sending client) reflects the data sources from which you want the date to be fed in (IDS, honeypot …). Please contact us to agree the details.

In general, the following steps should be taken to enable the sending client:

  • Library installation;
  • Client registration;
  • Connecting the library into the operated detection device (participation on the data sending process from the operated device - IDS, honeypot, etc.);
  • Trial run against the testing server;
  • Migration to the full operation mode.
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