WARDEN – a system for efficient sharing information about detected events (threats). The system as a part of the CESNET Large Infrastructure project developed by the CESNET association.

The WARDEN system enables CERTS/CSIRT teams (and security teams in general) to share and make use of information on detected anomalies in network and services operation generated by different systems – IDS, honeypots, network probes, traffic logs, etc. – easily and efficiently.

The vision and aims of the Warden project

  • To create a simple yet robust system for sharing information and relating components that enable to make use of the data to enhance network and service security
  • To enhance security and soundness of the CESNET2 network
  • To interconnect it with similar systems for sharing information developed across the world

The Warden system is currently developed and tested mainly to satisfy the needs of the national research and education network CESNET2 administered by the CESNET association for its members and other entities involved. In the future, we plan to develop the Warden project as open. Until then, non-members of CESNET2 wishing to participate in the project can participate only based on ad-hoc agreements.

Warden status

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